A student president who has both intelligence and beauty

He was born in Matsudo and grew up in Matsudo.
Hanane and Hoka are childhood friends.

He is an excellent student of both the literary and military arts, with excellent grades and all-around sports ability. They have a strong sense of responsibility and a good reputation with the local people.
It publishes a newspaper called Morishimori Shinbun and actively participates in local PR activities.

◆Family structure, personality, and upbringing

A girl from a very ordinary family.
Her father is a local fisherman who often leaves home, and her mother works there, so he takes good care of her family and her younger brother. Perhaps because of their good care, they are often relied on in schools, and they are often in charge of class committee and student council. He has good motor skills, but he does not belong to the sports club, so much so that he participates as a helper. Currently, he is in charge of the general manager of the newspaper department and is involved in local newspapers and publicity activities.


Matsudo's contacts

She was born in Matsudo and grew up in Matsudo.
Hanane and Hoka are childhood friends.

She is the oldest of four sisters and brothers, and she is cheerful and energetic. I have a part-time job at a local restaurant, and I have a weakness for sweets, food, and cute things. MeeSher with a lot of information.

◆Family structure, personality, and upbringing

A lively girl who grew up in the house of her mother's grandparents.
Growing up with brothers, he is strong, loves to eat and is a good cook.
I'm worried about being big by nature.

Anyway, it's bright and friendly.
I work part-time at a restaurant to help my family and to feed my younger brothers.

He's so big, he's got a bag.
There are always a lot of sweets in there.

Because he is on good terms with Hazuki, depends on him for her physique, and knows a lot about local food and drink, he was invited to participate in the newspaper club activities, and he sometimes works with her.


IT-savvy science fanatic

from the city because of one's father's job
A young lady who moved to Matsudo.

IT savvy, science and occult fanatic. It quietly and anonymously distributes a YouTube channel called MATSUDO FILE X, which features spiritual sites throughout Japan.

◆Family structure, personality, and upbringing

As I was in the same class with Hazuki and her friends, we naturally became close friends.

her father was a businessman. He lived with her strict father in a family where he could not resist her mother.
However, he was fed up with the world of male chauvinism and hated the world of men because he saw the background of her mother living in straitened circumstances due to her father's behavior.

In addition, she is often compared with her sister who is friendly and loved by many people, and after many years of agonizing, she immersed herself in the world of the Internet. Because of her natural smarts, her knowledge of IT skills and machines became extremely high.

He was almost forced to join Hazuki because he was in the same class and strong in IT.


The only daughter of a highly inspired Shinto family

She was born in Matsudo and grew up in Matsudo. Ther is the largest shrine in the area, and a local daughter who was born into a Shinto family.
Although he is not familiar with popular things, he has a strong sense of inspiration, and her fortune-telling is popular in the school. The shrine is so popular that tourists from other prefectures come to visit because of the rumor that love will be fulfilled.
She loves girls' comics and wants to be a manga artist in the future, and she yearns for a love life like comics.

◆Family structure, personality, and upbringing

I knew Hazuki and her friends, but it wasn't until I was in high school that I went to the same school as them.

Since he was born in a popular tourist spot, he was eager to help the family from an early age in a difficult family. He is quiet, but her manner is gentle because he has been with tourists since he was a child.

I have few friends and have never played with them, so I always yearn for Hazuki who is always cheerful and looks happy, and always ther beautiful beauties.
He is a little shy and unsure of himself.

He is quietly becoming popular at school because he has always had a stronger sense of inspiration than other people, and because her fortune-telling, which he started with the pretext of making friends, has gained a good reputation.

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