A person we found in a sealed-off abondoned school is, our friend who barely recognizable...


Matsudo. A very ordinary country town. Still home to a large number of abandoned schools. One day, a tale of horror ensues when the curious Hazuki, a high school student from Matsudo, visits an abandoned school with her friends and removes a heavy stone covering an old well behind the school.

The four friends peer inside. Nothing happens, so they head off to explore the abandoned school building. But by this time, something strange has already started happening to one of them.

Asymmetric Multiplayer game set in a sealed-off abandoned school.
Try to escape from the abandoned school using items and nearby implements.

・ Survival action for up to four players
  Unlock the seals on the Horcrux Coffins located in the abandoned school and be the first to escape
・ A total of 100 scenario items
  Investigate the mysteries of the abandoned school!
・ Use items and objects to avoid the Sinister
  Use doors, chairs, desks, lockers, and other objects to get away from the Sinister.

Product Information

Genre Match-type Action
Release Date 2023
Sales Price TBD
CERO To be reviewed
Languages Japanese, English, Traditional, Simplified


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