How to play

"Get me out Please" is a cooperative escape action game for up to 4 players. Set in an abandoned school, the objective is to break the seals and escape as a human.
Players are assigned roles as either humans or "Magatsubito" (Sinister), with the goal for humans being to escape. If Sinister prevent the humans from escaping, they win.

Simultaneous play possible with changing viewpoints

In the settings, you can switch between 3rd person, 1st person, and top-down 2D perspectives. Simultaneous play is possible even with different viewpoints (3rd person and top-down 2D). Play in your preferred perspective.

Human Objective

Humans can utilize items like desks, lockers, doors, mops, and chairs. Find the "Horcrux Coffins" to unseal it and escape through the exit. If attacked by a Sinister, you'll be sealed in a black called the "Horcrux Coffins". If sealed, you must wait for someone's help. When sealed, a countdown begins, and you'll turn into a Sinister after a certain time. Use chat to inform others of your location.

"Magatsubito" (Sinister) Objective

Sinister can use poison and grabbing attacks to seal humans in the "Horcrux Coffins". Seal all humans and prevent their escape. Once sealed, humans will turn into Sinister after a certain time and cannot return to human form. If all humans become Sinister, the Sinister side wins.

Soloplay / Multiplay Modes

Play Alone

"Play Alone" allows you to battle against the computer. When playing alone, you can obtain an item called "Fragment of Memory" in the "School - All" map. By collecting these fragments, you can unravel the memories of the game world and characters. There are 100 types of "Fragments of Memory," and collecting them all leads to the game's ending. Aim to complete the collection by finding every fragment.

Game Rule Differences

In "Play Alone," you can adjust the difficulty of the Sinister, and the game starts with 4 humans and 1 Sinister. This mode is accessible even for those who aren't good at action games.

Play with Everyone

"Play with Everyone" allows friends or strangers to battle each other through a network. While you cannot obtain "Fragments of Memory" in this mode, you can enjoy intense battles and strategies that you can't experience in computer matches.

In "Play with Everyone," the game starts with 3 humans and 2 Sinister.

Local and Online Matches

Local Match

For a Local Match, players bring their own devices and play simultaneously.
You can play the game with your friends without an Internet connection.

※Local play is only available on the Nintendo Switch version.

Online Battle

Online Matchs are played over the Internet.
An Internet connection is required in order to play.
You can enjoy playing against opponents all over the world.

How to play and rules

At the beginning of the game, you will be assigned the role of either a human or a Sinister.
Humans win by escaping, while Sinister win by preventing the humans from escaping.
※For more details, please refer to sections 4 and 5.

Playing in the Human Role

Explore without being detected by Sinister, aim to unlock the four seals within the school, and strive to open the exit. The seals can be removed by unlocking the "Horcrux Coffins" scattered throughout the area. Move around the school without being spotted by Sinister, hide under lockers or desks, and use items strategically to escape. Be aware that you are vulnerable while unlocking the seals, so pay attention to your surroundings to avoid being discovered by Sinister.

Actions Humans Can Perform

・Sprint at full speed
・Open and close room doors
・Pick up and throw objects
・Attack with a mop
・Hide under desks or in lockers
・Treat injured teammates
・Free sealed teammates
・Use items (effects differ from when using as a Sinister)
・Unseal the "Horcrux Coffins"

Playing in the Sinister Role

Sinister aim to prevent humans from escaping. Inflict damage with poison and grabbing attacks, and seal humans in es. Note that Sinister can also use items. Investigate areas with a blue glow and use items strategically to gain an advantage in the game.

Actions Sinister Can Perform

・Attack humans
・Seal humans (when their hearts reach 0)
・Destroy doors
・Break objects that can be picked up
・Use items (effects differ from when using as a human)

Unlocking the Horcrux Coffins

Multiple es are placed throughout the school. When examined, the screen switches to an unlocking interface, and reducing the gauge will unlock the . When the is opened, a "Seal Removal" animation plays, indicating that one seal has been removed. Note that the gauge decreases faster when multiple players unlock es simultaneously.

Obtaining and Using Items

By examining areas with a sparkling blue glow, you can obtain items. The effects of items are activated for a certain period of time after they are acquired. Since Sinister can also obtain and use items, be proactive in acquiring items during the game.

Hiding Under Desks or in Lockers

When playing as a human, you can hide under desks or in lockers.
By hiding, you can keep your heart rate down and avoid nearby Sinister.
Sinister cannot see humans who are hiding from them.
But you can still be discovered if the Sinister performs the “Find” action.

Opening and Shutting Room Doors

Only humans can open and shut the room doors; Sinister are only able to kick them in.
Use this feature wisely in order to search and escape.

Lifting objects to Throw / Attack

You can grab and throw classroom chairs and other objects that can be lifted. If you hit a Sinister with them, you can temporarily immobilize it. Additionally, you can use rod-shaped objects like mops to attack Sinister by swinging them around.

Sprint Mode

By pressing the L stick, you can switch to "Full Sprint Mode." While sprinting, you consume stamina but can run considerably faster than normal. Stamina recovers when you exit "Full Sprint Mode" or come to a stop. However, be cautious, as running out of stamina will leave you unable to move for a few seconds. To exit "Full Sprint Mode," press the L stick deeply again.


During multiplayer, certain actions will add points, allowing you to earn high ratings on the result screen. The following elements add to the score, and there are other conditions as well, so try various approaches.

・Escape with everyone (as many humans as possible escape without turning into Sinister)
・Open many "Horcrux Coffins"
・Collect many "Sealing Fragments" (soul items)
・Use items

▼ Scores and ratings
D: 100 or below
C: 101 ~ 200
B: 201 ~ 300
A: 301 ~ 499
S: 500 ~ 999
SS: 1000 points or more

For Sinister, victory is achieved by preventing humans from escaping. A bonus is added to the "Escape with everyone" part.

About "Sealing Fragments" Score Items

You can earn score by collecting "Sealing Fragments" (soul effects) that exist in the game. Additionally, if you are a human, you need to collect a certain number of them to escape.
Near the "Sealing Fragments", there are items or "Horcrux Coffins". When you see them, look around the area.

How to Obtain Fragments of Memory

Fragments of Memory can only be obtained in Soloplay mode.
When you obtain a Fragments of Memory, a screen will appear where you can check the details of that memory.
By collecting the Fragments of Memory, you will be able to unveil details of the story, the world, rumors, and other hidden information.
There are 100 Fragments of Memory in total. Collect them all to see the true ending.