It is rich in nature and has many shrines and temples. Some areas on the northeast side face the sea.
A traditional shrine with strong local love, where Shinto festivals are strongly rooted.
The enshrined gods, superstitions, famous ghosts and favorite spots
There are places that people talk about SNS.
Having experienced accidents or missing persons due to nature in the past,
The streets are quite dark at night because there is little electricity.

So wandering alone, walking alone with children,
There is a deep-rooted custom that people should avoid playing because it is dangerous.

The early Meiji period.
There was an incident in which a student got severely burned at school.

The student is burning garbage in an incinerator.
All of a sudden, she burns her whole body in a big flame.

The student, whose face had become disfigured and disfigured,
Bullying at school escalates and eventually leads to truancy.

And then one summer day--
A mysterious unnatural body was found in an old well in the schoolyard.

Police found burn marks on the body.
It was concluded to be the suicide of a girl who was burned in an incinerator.
There was a rumor among my classmates that I had been killed by a group of bullies.
No further information about the incident was pursued, and only the rumor got ahead of the game.

The rumor spread like wildfire, and one or two students transferred from the school.
Without revealing the truth of the incident, the school was closed due to the declining population and depopulation.

Even now, the school remains untouched and closed.

An ordinary country town. It is located in Matsudo City.
There is a medium-size school called "Shushinto Gakuin," with about 150 students.
Four small communities with different uniforms and personalities were united.
A total of four areas where students can go to school.

There were four female high school students who had grown up a little.
They worked as newspaper clubs,
Take videos of local activities, tourist spots, etc.
She also posted on social networking sites.

The world takes video posting for granted.
High school students who are crazy about it.
Hazuki and her friends were strongly influenced by it.
She admired video distributors and influencers of high school girls of her age who were active in other areas.

We want to be popular too!
I want to make my hometown more famous!

Then I found an old document in the old school building.

They found an incident at a school and an eyewitness report of a mysterious demon.
They were doing interviews for the newspaper department,
In order to find out the credibility of the rumor, he went to the closed school where the incident occurred.

Hazuki, a leader of a group of four close friends, visited the closed school.

In one corner you can see an old well which is said to be an urban legend.

"No way, ..."

Hazuki thought so.
They were naturally attracted to old wells.

The old well was sealed with boards and weights;
I could almost see the inside through the gap which was slightly off.

"I can't see you well, ..."

The moons surround the well.

The four looked at each other in silence.
He gently pushed aside the stones, shifted the boards, and looked into the well.

"...... Nothing ... Nothing ...?"

The disappointing four set off to explore an abandoned school building.
By this time something unusual had begun to appear in one person: ....